DxFarm FAQ

What is DxFarm?

DxFarm is DxChain's first DeFi application developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With the transparent and immutability characteristics of decentralized finance, DxFarm automatically executes transactions and distributes rewards according to smart contracts. Users can trade DX/BNB safely and conveniently, and also earn DX rewards through liquidity mining.

Why choose to develop DeFi applications on the BSC?

BSC provides a powerful ecosystem and is a robust blockchain protocol that offers a reliable, cheap, fast platform for DApps.

What is needed to farm DX?

A PC with Chrome browser and MetaMask plug-in, or a mobile phone with TokenPocket APP.

DX and BNB as handling fees on BSC network.

Then you are all set for DX liquidity mining, just follow the detailed tutorials to get started.


What is liquid mining?

Liquidity mining is one of the most common functions of DeFi products. Taking DX as an example, users provide liquidity for the DX-BNB liquidity pool (deposit both DX and BNB at the same time) to obtain the liquidity certificate LP Token, and get DX rewards by staking LP Token. The process is called liquid mining.

In addition to earning DX rewards by staking the LP Token, users can also earn transaction fee shares while reducing the liquidity.

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